We are the Meet5 community. We are open, friendly and easy-going with each other. In order for the interaction to work best, there are the following basic rules within our community:

  1. Golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated by them.

  2. Communication: talking to each other is important. The others usually can't look into your head, and therefore you should always express yourself clearly.

  3. Show yourself: We all want to know who we are dealing with. It is therefore crucial that you are clearly recognizable in your first profile picture. The picture should be as recent as possible.

  4. Respect: We respect the other members. Be punctual at meetings and write in the chat beforehand if you are going to be late. Also, always cancel as early as possible.

  5. Make a commitment: Only sign up for multiple Meet5 meetings on the same day if there is enough time between them. Never cancel on short notice in order to be able to quickly register for another meeting. Never show up to a meeting unannounced or without the knowledge of the other participants.

  6. Guests: If you bring another person to the meeting who is not registered in the meeting via Meet5, ask in the group beforehand if it is OK. The same applies to bringing dogs, cats, or other pets. Smuggling the cat into the restaurant in your bag is not OK either.

  7. Respect for the creator: We respect the planning of the meeting creator. A wine tasting does not spontaneously become a beer tasting, and especially the ideas and wishes of the meeting creator are taken into account. If you use another meeting as a template, you should make sure that you choose your own title and write your own description. This will make it easier to distinguish the meetings from each other. If it is necessary for the creator to make an advance payment for a meeting, transfer the money to him as soon as possible. Even if you cancel and have not yet paid, make sure that the creator is not left with the costs, either by giving him the money or by organizing a substitute participant. 

  8. Consideration: It is about having a good time together. We all refrain from harassing, insulting, discriminatory, sexist, defamatory, pornographic, threatening, violence-glorifying, racist, right-wing/left-wing extremist and other morally reprehensible or illegal conduct at meetings, when creating meetings and in the chat. Meetings that have a sexual context (also mixed sauna or nudist beach) are generally prohibited on Meet5.

  9. Second groups: If you create a second group for the same event, you will meet independently of the other group, even if the meeting takes place at the same time or on the same day. If a reservation is necessary, you have to make it yourself.

  10. Commercial use: We are primarily a non-commercial platform, which also applies to free initial offers. Only selected sponsoring and cooperation partners are allowed to post commercial meetings on Meet5 and we take great care to ensure that these offers fit in with the community and enrich it. If this is exciting for you, feel free to contact the team.
    Ticket sales are also not allowed. You can find additional examples here: Which meetings are not allowed at Meet5?

If you violate the above guidelines, we have the right to restrict your rights or access to the app. We protect the community from harm, and we give you the opportunity to reflect on and adjust your actions. We try to give all Meet5 members the opportunity to improve, but protecting the community is our highest priority.

Possible consequences for violating the community rules include, but are not limited to:

1. not being able to commit to another meet for 48 hours
2. temporary suspension of all activities on Meet5
3. permanent suspension of all activity on Meet5

Our new community rules provide you with a guideline and are intended to provide clarity in many situations. However, the most important thing is clear: have a good time and be considerate of each other. For changes and additions to the rules, please contact us.