All Captains will receive a monthly coupon with a value of €10 each. This code is automatically activated every month and displayed in the Captain's cabin, under the item "Coupons". You can find the cabin under "Profile".

It is up to you to decide whether the coupons will be redeemed monthly or collected. When the codes are collected, they can be combined to make a larger order at Meet5 Merch-Shop.

The codes can be directly copied from Captain's Cabin and then pasted into the "Discount Code or Gift Card" field on the Meet5 Merch store website before checkout. The coupons are valid for all Meet5 Merch Shop products and shipping.

If the value of the coupon exceeds the price of the purchased product, the remaining amount will be saved back to the Captain's Cabin under the same code. In addition, the coupons do not have an expiration date and therefore do not expire. If the Captain function is terminated, the codes will no longer be available in the Meet5 app. The coupons are not transferable to other users within the Meet5 app. In addition, the value of the coupons cannot be cashed out and can only be applied to products in the Meet5 Merch Shop.

If you have used a coupon, you should remove it for a better overview. To do this, press the three dots behind the coupon and select "Remove".

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If you have any questions, please contact our Captains Support (