You can recognise a fake profile, for example, if the user uses a profile picture that obviously does not show him or her but, for instance, a celebrity. A false name is also an indication of a fake profile.

Besides fake profiles, there are also so-called scammers. These are imposters who misuse apps to establish contact with women or men in order to take advantage of them - financially, for example. These scammers are usually located abroad and do not speak German - messages that have obviously been translated with Google are therefore a clue. Even if he or she mainly makes flattering remarks and asks for your private number or email address early you should watch out. When the user demands money (e.g. by pretending to be in an emergency situation), you should be alert and break off the contact.

Please always report such users directly (tap on "More" in the user's profile above). We will then take a close look at the user, check their profile and delete it if necessary. Thank you for your help :)