Do you enjoy hiking and would like to join a Meet5 hike, but are unsure how to find a suitable one? We have a few tips and tricks on how to find the perfect hike in your region. 


1. The search bar

The easiest and fastest way is to use the search bar. Just tap on the little magnifying glass. Then you have the option to search for different keywords, locations, or even addresses. For a hike, the keyword hike or hiking would be the best. 


2. Filter your search

Another option is to filter meetings according to various categories on the meeting overview page. Just tap on the filter symbol shown on the meeting overview page. Remove all ticks except for the category 'outdoor'. The remaining meetings will all be outdoor related. 


3. Add team profiles to your favourites  

Team profiles are easy to recognize. They all contain the name Meet5 and the according region. Especially in new regions, the team often organizes amazing hikes. By adding the profile to your favourites, you get a notification every time a new meeting is created in the app, and never miss out on any event. 

4. Create your own meeting 

You are familiar with amazing hiking trails in your region? Then you should share those with other passionate hikers and create your own meeting. You can also use past or ongoing hike meetings as a template. You can also check out our Magazine to find a list of wonderful hiking trails. 

No matter which method you choose, we wish you lots of fun on your hike!

Your Meet5 Team