Do you want to create your own group meeting, but have questions? We have 10 steps and tips on how to have a successful meeting.

Once you have started, we guarantee you will want to create more. This is how easy it is: 

Tip 1: An excellent title 

The first thing other users see is the title of your meeting. It should be short, but should be immediately identifiable. If, for example, you are interested in going on a hike, then you should include that word in the title. The app suggests a few ideas when creating the meeting and selecting a title. Of course, you can pick from those if it fits.

Tip 2: A comprehensible description 

The most important part of your meeting is the description. It should have all the useful information, but it should be simple. What type of meeting is this? Is there anything to look out for? What is the price if tickets need to be purchased in advance? Is there a certain meeting point? If you are going on a hike, how long and hard will it be?

Tip 3: The meeting point 

You should state the meeting point as clearly as possible in order to avoid any confusion and to make it as easy as possible for the participants. Restaurants, Parks, or other addresses can be selected as meeting points and are excellent options. If you can't choose the meeting point you want in the app, add the meeting point separately in the description.

Tip 4: Time and date 

The time and date should be selected at a time that allows as many users as possible to participate. Ideally, the time and date should not be changed after the meeting has already been created. However, if you do, please inform the participants in the group chat.

Tip 5: The Weather 

Outdoor activities, require good weather. No one likes to be outside when it's raining. Please keep an eye on the weather forecast and keep in touch with the participants in the group chat to make any necessary changes.

Tip 6: The group chat 

The group chat allows you to communicate and answer questions with participants at any time.

Tip 7: Invitations 

In order for users to find your meeting in the app, you should send out invitations regularly. These can be sent to specific users or randomly. To filter users, you can search for different tags and choose your target group. To invite users who enjoy hiking, you could type in "hiking".

Tip 8: Cancel on time 

If something important comes up, and you are unable to participate, we ask that you let the other participants know in time via group chat. That way, the group can come up with an alternative, or they can meet without you.

Tip 9: Your profile 

Your profile should be appealing and inviting to other users, as well as authentic. I ask that you only provide truthful information and upload pictures where you can be seen clearly. Don't forget to smile. :)

Tip 10: Have fun 

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself. It's understandable that you might be nervous before your first group meeting, but remember that nothing can go wrong! We hear a lot of encouraging and nice stories every day. We are confident that you will also leave with unforgettable memories.