1. Tip: Plan your group meting in advance

Decide on how you would like to meet new people. Pick a suitable time and date. Provide all the needed information in the description, so that users know what to expect. The sooner you share all the information, the better people can prepare.

2. Tip: Be open-minded and friendly

If you want to meet new people while doing different activities, it is important to treat everyone with respect. Everyone should feel welcomed and have the opportunity to make new friends.

Avoid negative comments and be respectful towards other people's opinions and values. With everyone being open and friendly toward one another, there is nothing stopping you from having a good time.

3. Tip: Involve the participants

Make sure that the participants are involved. This can initially also happen in the group chat. Together, you will be able to make the best of the group meeting.

There is nothing stopping you from applying these tips. By planing your group meeting in advance, being friendly towards everyone, and involving the participants, you will have a great time.