Spending your spare time together, getting to know each other in a relaxed way in a restaurant, trying out new things, attending workshops, going on holiday, discussing God and the world at the weekly meeting, going dancing or even renting a party boat - that's what Meet5 is all about.

What is not possible, however, is using our platform and community for purposes other than general and casual recreation.

This includes:

Meetings with sexual, immoral or pornographic content.
Meetings with a political background.
Meetings organized for advertising purposes or inviting people to advertising events.
Meetings at which counselling in psychological and/or medical form takes place.
Meetings where services or personality coaching is offered.
Meetings where persons are recruited for multi-level marketing and structural sales.
Meetings with a spiritual, religious or esoteric background.
Meetings with a clear sales character.
Meetings on a donation basis or pay-what-you-want, but material cost reimbursement is allowed.
Meetings without the intention of an actual coming together of the participants.

Furthermore, only natural persons are allowed to create Meet5 meetings, as long as there is no official cooperation with Meet5. Meet creators must plan with their own presence at the meet.

We reserve the right to delete this type of meet, even if the organizer has already incurred costs. We always have an eye on the whole platform and at the same time try to protect individuals as well as the community.

Not allowed are for example:

Tupperware parties or make-up workshops with subsequent sales.
Meetings on the occasion of the opening ceremony of one's own new bakery.
The creator of a meeting wants to sell her ticket for a concert and is looking for a buyer for this by creating a meeting. The same applies if a ticket is to be given away.
Meeting in your own art gallery with the aim of selling paintings.
The creator of a meeting works for an aid organization and has a stand at the Christmas market. He organizes a meeting at this very stand, intending to sell mulled wine to the participants for donation purposes.
The creator of a meeting works as a coach and organizes a regular business get-together with the intention to expand the network but also to promote her own coaching services.
The creator organizes a boat trip that costs €40 per participant and additionally charges a fee of €10 per participant for the organization.
The creator offers a free yoga taster session with the aim of attracting new clients.
An art workshop is offered free of charge, but a donation is suggested for the organization and time spent, as well as travel.

An art workshop is offered free of charge, but a donation is suggested for the organization and time involved, as well as travel.
The creator of a meeting offers a meeting against a picturesque backdrop and at the same time offers his services as a photographer and would shoot beautiful souvenir photos for only €50 per person.
A meeting creator offers a pottery workshop and charges €70 per person for materials without providing proof of the actual costs.
A meeting creator wants to meet "wet and happy" in the sauna in a mixed group.