Meet5 is not a ticket exchange. The app was so flooded with ticket sales for a while that normal meetings simply went down. Especially for new users, this can have a deterrent effect. That is why we have decided to ban ticket sales via Meet5. Please do not create any more meetings for this purpose. However, you can always ask users privately or via the group chat if someone is interested in the ticket.

This is not allowed: 

  • Obvious ticket sales
  • Searching for tickets
  • The gifting of tickets

This is allowed: 

  • If you have a ticket for an event and you are looking for a companion
  • Meetings that require a ticket (e.g. cinema, theatre, etc.)

If we see such meetings, we delete them immediately! However, we are still a small team and cannot search the app for ticket sales 24/7. With thousands of open meetings, some meetings where tickets are being sold will get overlooked. If you see a meeting where tickets are being sold, you are welcome to report it to us and we will take care of it.