Meet5 is the app for group meetings

And it works as simple as that:

  • Registration

Via Facebook, Email or Apple-ID you can subscribe to the free app and create a short profile - all you need is a photo of you and a few keywords!

  • Select meeting

Look at the meeting overview, choose a suitable meeting and participate. Or create your own meeting of your choice.

  • Participate

You get to know five other Meet5 users directly at the meeting without chatting too much. Because the focus of Meet5 is on the group meetings and getting to know each other in real life (nevertheless, a group chat opens in every meeting, so you can clear up everything organizational).

One more little tip:

On Tuesdays at 18:00 we have our newbie video meeting, via Zoom. In this, one of the team will guide you through the most important functions of the app and tell you something about the community. There you also have the opportunity to ask questions, which will then be answered. The meeting usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes - depending on how many questions are asked.
If you would like to take part in the video meeting, then simply click on the link below - the link does not lose its validity and can be used for every week!
Zoom-ID: 87819245247

The video meetings are also always posted in the app. Don't let that put you off if the meeting is full. Since it's a video meeting, you can still join via the link :)