1. Date

Here are all meetings in your area listed. If you want to know more about a meeting or want to participate, just tap on the meeting.

2. For me

Here you will find all the meetings you have agreed to attend and all invitations.

3. Discover

Here you can discover users in your area. "Visitors" are the users who have viewed your profile. "Favored" are the users who have favored you with a star. You can find your own favorite users under the category "Profile". However, "Visitors" and "Favored" are part of the premium version of the app. If you don't have a premium version, these users are only displayed blurred.

4. Chats

Here you can find all chats (group chats as well as private chats). On the top right you will find all notifications - just tap on the little bell.

5. Profile

Here you will find all functions around your profile. For example, you can view your own profile and your favorites. You can also edit your profile at any time. Behind the small cogwheel in the upper right corner you will find the settings.