Are you new to meet5 or have not attended any group meeting? No Problem, we are happy to explain the concept and the idea behind Meet5.

Meet5 is originally from Frankfurt Main. We have developed the app so that you can easily and safely get together with others. You have the opportunity to meet people in a pleasant environment. The main focus is on the group aspect of it all, rather than the event. This is why you should only join a meeting if you are available that day. If something actually comes up, you can leave the meeting by tapping on 'More' and then on 'Leave meeting' someone else will be able to join the meeting.

Everyone on Meet5 can set up a meeting in a flash. You can choose when, where, and what! You are interested in hiking, picnicking, creating a book club, or simply meeting new people? That's great, Meet5 is exactly what you're looking for. We provide a platform, and it's up to you to make the most of it. You can find more information on how to create a meeting here.

You surely have noticed a few group meetings that have been created by us, the Meet5 team. We create those meetings to make the start easier and we, for example, plan hiking trails in advance. However, this should in no way stop you from creating your own meeting. Consider our meetings as an addition.

As soon as it is necessary, we leave the meeting and give up our spot, but don't worry, we stay available for questions. The best way to reach us is via E-Mail!

Our concept is getting to know a small group of people (max. 12 people). That means, only users who have joined the meeting in the app can participate in the event. We also offer virtual meetings. Which is why every meeting under the category video meeting automatically gets a video-Link.

That is about it with the concept, all the important information is featured in our FAQs.

A brief description to the topic of creating your own meeting can be found here.

Great, that you are a part of the Meet5 community, and we wish you lots of fun.

Your meet5 team

Btw:If you're interested in helping us out, we'd greatly appreciate it if you joined a club or premium membership.